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ichael Yanoska, born to a coal mining family in Harlan County, Kentucky, first began pursuing his musical interest in 1963 as one of the members of a folk trio called The Towne Hall Trio. During his time in the folk group, he garnered a reputation as a talented songwriter, contributing a number of songs to the Towne Hall Trio album in 1965.


Michael Yanoska

In 1968, Michael moved to Los Angeles, California, where he spent a great deal of time playing the southern California area as a solo artist. While playing at the Troubadour in Hollywood, he met several friends which led him to record his first album titled, YANOSKA, for EPIC Records . During the following year he continued to record original material which featured instrumental and vocal assistance from John Beland (guitarist) and Mary McCaslin (folk artist). Michael also sang several demo recordings for songwriter Paul Williams during that time and he was fortunate to meet Johnny Cash in 1969. In 1970, Michael joined the band Our Glass. Our Glass travelled extensively throughout the US from 1970 through 1972.

Through the summer of 1973 Michael joined with former Our Glass guitarist Mark Steffy, a talented singer and musician, to form the duo called Footsteps. Michael and Mark continued to play in southern California for the next two years. A major move from LA to Atlanta came in 1976. Michael joined with friends from Our Glass and formed the group Keystone. He played Bass and Guitar with Keystone for the next three years.?

uring 1979/1980 the group Vision was formed with former members of Keystone and they toured the Atlanta area until the spring of 1983. The vocal blend of Marina, Howard, and Michael was extraordinary.  

fter moving to Phoenix in 1983, Michael continued to write and produce songs. He moved back to southern California in 1986 to pursue his musical career. In 1991 he was asked to join a new band called Frontier Justice. Frontier Justice played together for two years. Soon after, Michael created the band Cheyenne with one of the former members of Frontier Justice.  

heyenne played throughout the southern California area from 1994 to 2000. During that time the band recorded three CD albums. Most of the songs on those CD?s were written by Michael. A new retrospective CD, THE CHEYENNE YEARS, is now available featuring re-mastered original recordings of songs written by Michael and recorded by the CHEYENNE band. THE CHEYENNE YEARS is currently available at Click here to get it now!!

Michael Yanoska in studio

After Cheyenne, Michael ventured on to write and record original songs on three solo albums - Different Roads, Out of Nowhere, and Secret Sessions.




Hichael's CHRONICLES CD, was a great time in the studio with his good friends Mark Ala on Pedal Steel and Mandolin, and Jerry Swallow on lead guitar. The strong communication between these friends resulted in the great tracks on the CHRONICLES CD and is currently available at Click here to get it now!!

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