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The TOWNE HALL TRIO album was recorded in 1964/1965 using a Sears Silvertone 2-track recorder. All songs were recorded "live" in a church basement, using the stairwells to achieve the necessary reverb. While this album has long been unavailable, the copies still in existence show the sound which provided the basis for the direction Michael's music would take.




The album YANOSKA was finished at CBS Studios in Hollywood during the latter part of 1968 for release by Epic Records in 1969. Producer Rob DeMars was instrumental in promoting this project and succeeded in getting airplay for the single Don't Say Goodbye. There are a few remaining copies available by various collectors around the world and they are available on ebay occasionally. Derk Dekker in the Netherlands has an original copy from 1969.

Click song title below to hear a sample from the YANOSKA album:
23 Years and Back
California Sundown Queen



Many of the songs on the Cheyenne CD were written as the band was performing throughout southern California. Experimentation during the recording process eventually created the sound they wanted. The new songs written specifically for this project were very well received.



Click song title below to hear a sample from the CHEYENNE I album:
Out In The Country
Drivin' All Night



Cheyenne II contained 11 new songs. Many recording sessions over several months contributed to the evolution of the distinctive "Cheyenne sound". The special talent of Mark Ala on Pedal Steel and Fiddle, and Mark Roberts on lead guitar and vocals, was instrumental in creating the unique sound of Cheyenne.



Click song title below to hear a sample from the CHEYENNE II album:
In Sonora Tonight
End Of The Trail



Different Roads showcases Michael's extraordinary songwriting ability. It is an interesting break from his previous style. The Different Roads CD was one of Michael's favorite projects.




Click song title below to hear a sample from the DIFFERENT ROADS album:
Dark Skies


The songs for Out of Nowhere were recorded over a period of six months and were different in feel from Michael's previous tunes. He was fortunate to have his friend Jerry Swallow play lead guitar on a few of these tracks and his influence on Michael's writing and playing is evident. These are some of the most melodic recordings Michael has produced.


Click song title below to hear a sample from the OUT OF NOWHERE album:
Might Have Been Me
Music In The Motels



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